It’s Time for the
Portland Mercur
ys Wing Week!



All Icarus had to do was escape the island of Crete. That’s it. And he even had help: Using wax and feathers, his father Daedalus painstakingly crafted Icarus a pair of wings.


“Okay, kid,” Daedalus said, handing his son those wondrous wings. “Here’s the deal: Don’t fly into the ocean, because that’ll ruin the feathers. And don’t fly too close to the sun, because that’ll ruin the wax. Pretty simple, right? You can handle that, right?”


“Ha!” Icaraus laughed as he hugged his father. “Of course I can!” Then Icarus flew straight for the sun and the wax melted and he died.


For generations, Icarus’ idiocy has taught humankind an important lesson: Prudence and moderation serve us well.


Luckily for us, that lesson is useless during the Portland Mercury’s first-ever Wing Week—where nearly 20 of Portland’s favorite restaurants will offer a half-dozen specially made wings for a mere $5! These wings? These wings are meant to be eaten. Which means we can ignore prudence and moderation and eat as many of ‘em as possible.


There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind as we fly through Wing Week:


Tip, and tip well. Everyone at our Wing Week restaurants is working hard to make sure you get a great deal on wings. Let ‘em know you appreciate it, and don’t be a cheapskate.


Man cannot survive on wings alone! Okay, maybe technically he could? Even so, Wing Week restaurants are offering sides, drinks, and even special beers that go great with their wings. Don’t miss out!


Be cool. There will be lines—so be patient, come back the next day, or swing by at a less busy time. Or if you’re stuck in line, tell everyone that cool Icarus story! They’ll be so impressed!

#portlandwingweek. Stay tuned for updates, reviews, and tips on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Something else we can learn from Icarus: Listening to other people is a good idea. Especially when it comes to the important things. Like wings.

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